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LED – Intelligent Lighting Fixtures with DALI application; occupancy and daylight sensors.

    Professional LED lights and energy-saving solutions provider
  • Thermal protection
  • Freezing protection
  • Custom made design
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LED Lighting (eco light)
ECOLIGHT is a fast-growing company seeking to disrupt the global industry of LED lighting. As an official partner of SIGNIFY (former Philips Lighting), ECOLIGHT employs state-of-the-art lighting technologies to create ultra-efficient, yet reasonably priced luminaries. Our unique business and production model is encapsulated in our brand slogan: No Nonsense. Just Raw Efficiency.

ECOLIGHT’s main specialisation is in the production of heavy-duty LED luminaries for factories and warehouses. Our industrial lighting systems are perfectly balanced to achieve excellent energy-saving results, while also creating a healthy and efficient working environment. Moreover, ECOLIGHT’s range of products includes special models for the food industry, models for chemically aggressive environments, vandal-resistant luminaries, and luminaries compatible with extreme temperatures. In the last several years, ECOLIGHT has also branched out to other segments including street lights, intelligent solar street lights, office lights, and human-centric school lights.

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LED for poultry application (SUNBIRD)
SUNBIRD® was founded in 2009 in South Africa and has become a leading global provider of agricultural lighting. From our 2000 sqm factory and our distribution hub in Cape Town, South Africa, we manufacture the entire SUNBIRD® system to the highest possible international standards and distribute to our network of resellers around the world. Our ongoing research and development ensure that we provide the best possible lighting solution for our customers in terms of animal performance, product efficiency, product lifespan, and product functionality.

Poultry Lighting System
Light has a significant influence on the performance and welfare of poultry, which is why using a poultry lighting system designed to produce the ideal lighting is essential for breeding, rearing, broilers, and layers in chicken, turkey, and duck farming operations.

Regulate and Optimize Breeder and Layer Health
Light controls the day and night rhythms, egg production, and behaviour of breeders and layers. But often, unique settings present farmers with less than adequate lighting. Dark spots and shadows are common when using traditional nesting boxes, while hard to manage light intensities are inherent with central type nesting boxes.

Sunbird’s lighting system handles challenges both by proving uniform light distribution in traditional nesting box layouts and by offering lighting intensities that diminish towards the nest in central type nest houses thereby luring birds into the nests and reducing floor eggs.

SUNBIRD® LED lighting can also be used to positively influences breeder and layer activity, feed intake, encourage and regulate biological clocks and rhythms, and minimize floor eggs.

Create a Healthier Rearing Environment
Rearing is an important phase in the development of breeders and layers. During rearing, growth and sexual development of the hens are optimized by good management practices and housing conditions.

SUNBIRD® lighting systems create the ideal setting for the development of breeders and layers by providing uniform light coverage with optimum lux levels.

Efficiently Manage Broiler Health and Production
Optimal photoperiod, wavelength, intensity, and distribution of light are essential for stimulating activity and feed. Together, the perfect application of these elements influence the uniformity of birds and contribute to even litters along with reduced health and welfare problems.

Sunbird’s LED poultry lighting accounts for the design of standard traditional floor and colony houses, allowing the uniform distribution of light throughout each structure to help promote healthier broiler production.

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  • To prove that the Sunbird LED Poultry light can withstand pretty much anything, we drove over it with a car. Definitely more than what would be thrown at it inside your chicken house/shed.
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  • A brief demonstration to show that the Sunbird LED poultry light is not affected by water and with its 48V DC current, it does not short circuit and poses no danger to humans or animals.
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