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Solar Thermal

The new series of thermosiphon systems EUROSTAR ECO, have been designed in order to cope with the demands of any market all over the world specializing in very hot climates without the need for refilling the solar circuit

The EUROSTAR ECO collector casing is made of specially designed extruded aluminum profile, without any external connections, screws, nuts or rivets. The Rockwool insulation will maintain very high temperatures achieving an incredibly high efficiency. The absorber is composed of Blue Selective Aluminum fins 0,50mm thickness, welded to copper pipes with laser welding. The thermal liquid achieves maximum transfer of heat to the water while protecting the system against scaling, rusting, freezing, and overheating.

The EUROSTAR ECO tank has a mild steel external casing, with a high-temperature oven powder coating for maximum protection from rain, sun, and salty environment, ensuring durability and an elegant appearance. The FREON FREE polyurethane insulation is casted under pressure in the tank, surrounding the cylinder and maintaining hot water for up to 48 hours. The new revolutionary heat exchanger of the closed-circuit assures instant hot water at a very high temperature. The tank is made of low carbon steel with a double “enameling” coating (glass), oven0 treated at 860 C. The magnesium anode effectively protects the cylinder from electrolysis. The backup electric heater ensures hot water even on very cloudy days.

  • Solar thermal is a very simple and efficient system to grab energy from the sun and use it to heat the building water
  • In general, solar thermal systems heating domestic water consist of solar collectors containing a heat transfer fluid such as water or antifreeze, plus a pump, control unit, connecting pipes, and a backup heat source such as gas, oil, etc electric immersion heater.
  • Simple Diagram of the solar thermal system.
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